How to Create a Lead Magnet That Attracts Visitors

Not every customer who visits your website is willing to buy immediately. In fact, it takes time to build trust and prove your value. After you’ve done that, you might get a few customers to pay for your product.

However, there are efficient growth-hacking strategies you can use to increase your conversion rate and get more leads every day. One of the best techniques is to set up a compelling lead magnet.

In plain English, a lead magnet is a tempting offer that provides a very specific value to a very targeted customer segment. In other words, when you offer your lead magnet, you bribe your visitors to exchange their contact information for your free offer.

Characteristics of a phenomenal lead magnet.

Lead magnets exist to increase your lead-conversion rate. The secret to higher conversion with a lead magnet is to offer a particular customer segment an explicit solution that addresses a specific pain — at no cost to them. That’s why the generalization rule doesn’t apply here.

To create your lead magnet, you must pay attention to two important factors:

  • Your customer’s persona
  • Your competitor’s offering

Knowing your customer persona helps you tailor your message and offer toward their needs and desires. On the other hand, conducting comprehensive competitor research enables you to discern what matters to your potential buyers and easily target your rival’s audience.

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